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  • Cat Lund


Or, as I prefer to call them, essential supplies.

Back when we did the Mull Rally, we were greeted in our accommodation by a lovely welcome pack, including these - delectable Island Bakery Lemon Melts. Initially I was sceptical (white chocolate? with lemon? Surely that's like fruit in a cake) but I was soon converted. Sadly I haven't had them since - our nearest stockist is Leicester which seems like a long way to go for a packet of biscuits.

Admittedly, not as far as Mull.

Our trip to Mull ended badly and had far reaching consequences with an undetected problem leading to engine failure on the next event. It was an expensive rally for us, even with the start money generously provided by the organisers. Accommodation for a week plus the fuel bill came as an expensive shock. We rally on a very tight budget you know.

Despite all that the rally is an amazing adventure that definitely needs to be ticked off the bucket list. Mull is a fabulously beautiful place, the Islanders are welcoming and when the rally is on the buzz is awesome. You have to travel through the shipping forecast to get there, something that I was also ridiculously excited about.

I know Andy feels like we have unfinished business there. As long as he doesn't want to take the 205, that's fine with me.

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